Bouquet Blunders

I am frustrated. I know, so early into the planning and I am already frustrated! I am no good at this paper thing. How does Martha Stewart do it? I have been trying to find a combination of paper flowers that I really love to fit together nicely in a bouquet, but I have to say it is not that easy! Not to mention, on top of that I can’t afford to get mass quantities of paper until I get paid again (being broke kinda sucks). Here are some of my frustratingly painful attempts:

Storybook roses, I think they look more like tragic stories, but maybe that’s because I’ve been staring at them for so long. Did you notice I played around with the photo in Photoshop just to make the picture look better? As if the subtle vintage-ing of the photo will make them look more than they are. I don’t know, but to me they look like they need something…else…something…more. So I made different flowers:

Of course I had to make the Kawasaki Rose (bigger than in my tutorial). I also made a few Ranunculus, and the Gerbera Daisy I love so much. Notice no blue, that is the paper that I need to get…sigh…I think the picture would be more complete if I had the flowers made in blue as well. So of course there aren’t enough flowers in that bundle, I can make more, but I’m not sure how it would all look together. I feel like I need a flower that will really fill the bouquet out, and these flowers can be the accents. In a desperate attempt, I then combined the storybook roses with the other flowers:

I don’t hate this. But I don’t love it either. I am hoping to add some blue,  maybe take away a few storybook roses, and make more of the other flowers. Not to mention I am hoping to add some greenery to make it pop. I guess I am on the right track, but man I wish I could just slap something together like Martha and it’s instantly beautiful…how DOES that woman do it? So you aren’t pained by the pictures of my “progress” any longer, here are some bouquets that I love (some paper, some not), and (try) and draw inspiration from.

Discouragement will not beat me! I know things will feel better once I have more paper to work with. And maybe I’ll get better at actually making the flowers. It’s a good thing I have two years to get it right! Tip for the DIY bride, make sure you have plenty of time to make everything before your wedding…or hire Martha…


10 thoughts on “Bouquet Blunders

  1. First of all, Kudos to you for taking this on. As a person who has tried to make those flowers- I ended up just buying them fresh HAHA! But I also agree with your DIY tip. So many of the brides I encounter have taken on too much. Even if you just reach out to your bridal party to help out- never take on too much. Keep up the good work Lauren!

  2. I love that you’re looking at alternate bouquet ideas! I am dying to cut the flower budget down too, but haven’t got any inspiration about fabulous other options. I will be watching to see what you come up with!

  3. My dear friend who lives in Australia is coming over for the wedding (which we booked yesterday – yey) and she just told me she can do paper flowers and she’d love to do my bouquet for me. I feel very lucky, we’re going to have paper flowers for the bridesmaids and I’m considering making button holes out of computer parts for the groom and the groomsmen. I’m also making my own wedding cake and my own favours but the favours can be made about 2 months in advance so that’s ok. Plus i’m doing my own wedding confetti and the placemats, table numbers, seating plan and center pieces. Is the bride allowed to be asleep/drunk in the corner at the end of the wedding breakfast?

    • Haha You and me both! I am also doing placemats, table numbers, confetti (see tomorrow’s post for my confetti DIY tutorial…doing some 3D hearts), and a whole bunch of other stuff! I would love to make my own wedding cake, I bake a lot and usually it all tastes good, but I think that’s too much pressure for me! You go girl!

  4. Hey! I had the storybook roses as my bouquet at my wedding. It took me a gillion years to figure them out, but once i did, they turned out beautifully. From your picture they look like you did everything right, except it almost looks like the edges of your petals may be curled a little too tightly. I was doing the same thing, but the ones that weren’t curled as tight looked fuller, if that makes sense! Also, the ranunculus are so pretty! Do you have A link for how to make them?

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