Searching For The Anthropologie-Style

Some brides like to spend the bulk of their money on food, others the venue, me, I am spending the bulk of it on my photographer. It is too early yet to really seriously look for my partner-in-crime-to be. But I have been salivating over all the wonderful weddings posted on the blogs. I wasn’t sure it was possible to drool over photography. It is probably the part of the wedding planning that I am most excited about!

I think it’s because if I am going to spend 2 whole years pouring my blood, sweat and tears into this one event in my life, it is going to have to be documented wonderfully! The style I want for my photos was always hard to describe. I’ve used words like “vintage,” “ethereal,” “hazy,” but none of it seemed to convey exactly what I wanted, until I discovered my style had a name…Anthropologie. I realize this is also a fabulous store, but it is rapidly becoming a specific style or even a way of life.

See how the style is soft and almost ethereal? I love that the bride looks almost heavenly. How can one not fall in love with photos like that?

Since this area is the one area of my wedding where I am not too budget conscious, I am not too cautious about looking everywhere for a photographer. Here is my secret. I don’t look for local vendors on big wedding sites. Don’t get me wrong, that can be very helpful in finding an affordable local photographer, but my tastes were specific and I needed to find those specific people who can accomplish the style I want.

I am still shopping around, and here is what I do. I pull up sites like Wedding Chicks, Style Me Pretty, Intimate Weddings and a few others, and I find the style of photography I am looking for by looking around their “real weddings” sections. At the end of the post they usually list the photographer, I simply call upon the mighty Google, (or if their website is right there, I just click) and I find them. If they are someone I like, I find them on Twitter, file them under “Photographers” and now I have an itemized list of contactable photographers that I like!

Here are some more Anthropologie-style shots for you to drool over!

I’m still looking around! If anyone in the New England area knows of a photographer that captures all the little “moments” and can edit a style like this, please let me know! All of you mid-west and Cali people are lucky because they all seem to be living out there!


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