Invitation Inspiration

I am by no means a Photoshop expert. I went to school with people who could run circles around me in any Adobe program. But I decided to take on the daunting task of creating all my own wedding stationary, that means: invitations, programs, place cards, signage, so on and so forth.

Immediately I jumped on the literary/words theme we are trying to keep to, and wanted to make the invitations a book (this was also when dark blue was incorporated in my colors). So I found this image of an old brown book cover and messed with the hue to turn it blue.

I know, I know…gross. For some reason I correlated “vintage” with “old and nasty.” I am ashamed to admit how long I clung to this idea. Too long. Finally I was able to step back and say “This is horrible.” And started a whole new invitation idea. It started with playing with lighter colors (now you see why I got rid of the dark blue). And then I found this pattern, which I talked about before.

That is when I came up with the idea for my invitation. I don’t want to reveal too much (there has to be some element of surprise) but here is the cover concept…this, of course, may change.

The problem was, I was being too literal with our literary/words concept. It really is about OUR story, which, because we are far less interesting than most, has not really been written in an actual book, so why should our invite look like one?

Also there seems to be this trend with what is called the “info graphic.” It gives information in a fun way, with different fonts, font sizes and pictures to get the point across. I think I would like my invitation information to be displayed info graphic style and really tell our story.

Here are some info graphic invites:

Invitations aren’t what they were in the 80s. They are spunky and creative and have interesting layouts. There is no reason why yours can’t be the same, and it’s even more personal if you are the creator! Not to mention you save a lot of money!

The invitations are just the first step! I also have to create a wedding brand. That means I still have so much left to do in Photoshop! Don’t worry, I will be sharing all of my “branding” here as well as some great ideas from other brides! Here are some invitations I find so pretty and unique!

I would love to do this! But there isn’t any way I could afford that postage!

The nerd in me LOVES this! How can you not? How creative!

I am all about being creative and this is off the charts creative…but it does cost a pretty penny.

This is so cute for a Travel themed wedding and it’s DIY!

You can find more inspiration on my Pinterest!


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