The Fine Art of Borrowing Doors

Of course most of my time is spent clicking around so many different wedding blogs. I feel kind of like a woman obsessed with weddings. It hasn’t even reached the 2 year mark yet and I have read more wedding blogs than I can count. It does give me great inspiration, it also discourages me a little. Can I really save the money and pull off rustic vintage elegance? So many other brides did, but it seems sort of impossible.

While delving into the world of weddings yesterday, I was feeling slightly discouraged about a particular decoration I was looking for. I had pinned a while ago a trio of old vintage doors, which appeared to be the backdrop for a ceremony

I fell in love with this concept. It seemed like the perfect way to set off a rustic ceremony space, and they just look so romantic! But seriously, where does anyone find old doors? Do you just walk up to run down houses, knock, and say, “Excuse me, but your door is awfully run down and rustic looking, can I borrow it for the weekend?”

This is where the wealth of knowledge the internet provides is wonderful. As I was scrolling through various blogs, one of the ones I read addressed the problem of acquiring old vintage doors as decoration. The writer mentioned something called an Architectural Salvage Yard. It sounded wonderfully tragic, like a place where old vintage pieces come to die.

I then did the thing everyone does when they want to know more about a place, I Googled it. It turns out there is an Architectural Salvage Yard  in Portland, Maine. Not only do they have doors, but tons of other vintage furniture!

The discouragement came again when I looked at the prices, a lot of things were too pricy for needing them for just a weekend, after all, when the wedding was over, what was I going to do with everything? That’s when I thought, maybe they rent. After a quick call, yes! They do rent! If you pay 20% of the marked price, you get the item for a whole week.

Believe it or not I also got a second option for a place to find antique doors! This option came from my mom, who never ceases to be a wealth of information. She suggested the Habitat for Humanity store, or ReStore. The site suggests 50% – 90% off retail pricing. The best part is, all the money you spend in the store goes right back into Habitat for Humanity, so you are also helping the community. It doesn’t seem that they list their inventory online, so a trip to the store is necessary so look at what they have. Since you are buying the furniture outright you can paint it, age it, anything at all and, after you are all done, you can donate it all right back to Habitat for someone else to use.

So to help your inspiration along, I’ve decided to share some other ways to use doors at your wedding: I love all these ideas, and now, since I know where to go door shopping, the dream of vintage doors is in sight!

Click for more Door Inspiration!

I guess the lesson to be learned here is that discouragement might be inevitable, but there is always a solution, you just have to search enough wedding blogs to find it. I can’t wait to see what other solutions to my problems I can find! To every bride-to-be, it can only benefit you, and your wedding to really turn planning into a hobby. You never know what you’ll find!


5 thoughts on “The Fine Art of Borrowing Doors

  1. torty78 besser hätte ich das nicht sagen können! Mir geht es auch um das Kribbeln während des Spiels wenn ich vorher ne Wette platziert habe! Richtig reich werden nur die wenigsten Let8e&#u230;

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