Finally! A Daisy I Like!

After many failed attempts at trying to create a successful daisy, I think I have found it. You would think a flower as simple as a daisy would be simple to make. The problem I found is the lack of tutorials on daisies. I am a very tutorial oriented person. I really need a guide to help give me a direction. Apparently I’m not as creative as I had hoped. All the tutorials I found require one of those hole-punches, or the end result looks too cartoony. My favorite flower is the Gerbera Daisy and I am determined to include it in my wedding flowers. I did find a few tutorials for the Gerbera daisy, but none that I really loved.

So I took matters into my own hands. I turned to the almighty Google and typed in, “Daisy Template Printable” and immediately got results. The first one I chose to print had three daisies on it.

The second one I found had five daisies on it, and since I already had printed the first I just wanted the second template for the two smallest daisies.

Feel free to use the second template for the whole thing, as it seems to be the easiest way to do things.

Any kind of paper can be used, except card stock, I wouldn’t recommend it if you are going for the realistic look. Daisies are delicate and deserve delicate paper! I also cut out more of the biggest flower to make the daisy look fuller. I used three of the largest size, but you can use more to fatten up your daisy if you’d like.

Once you’ve cut them all out, curl the smallest daisy’s petals in, and every size after that, curl the petals a little less. When you get to the biggest size, you can leave them flat or curl the ends just a little bit.

After that, just glue the sizes together starting with the smallest and working your way to the largest. Make sure your petals are alternating, this helps them to all be seen, and it looks more realistic.

And voilà!

It even looks a lot like the real thing!

And of course the final stamp of approval goes to Evie B, who, a second after this picture was snapped, grabbed the daisy in her mouth and took off with it.

I can’t wait to make more of these! They will definitely be in my wedding!


6 thoughts on “Finally! A Daisy I Like!

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  2. wow !! I just tried it and wow !! you have made my headache go away 😀 I am getting married in 2 years but almost all my decorations are DIY projects. Daisies are my favorite flowers which I will be having as my flowers for my wedding. Thank you sooooo very much 🙂

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