Color Struggle

I don’t really consider myself a super fashionable person. I gotta say, I am so jealous of girls that can just wander into their closets blindfolded and walk out with a completely wonderful outfit. It’s a little unfair, but I was passed up on the fashion gene.  So of course I was worried when choosing the colors for my wedding.

I knew I could at least eliminate the colors I would NOT be using. So immediately purple, and pink were eliminated. No offense to the purple/pink lovers out there, but I guess I have never been that girl. I’m pretty sure it all stemmed from having a mauve carpet in my bedroom for 12 years of my life. Green was in the running for a while, but then I decided if I was going to have a wedding outside, I didn’t want my main color to be the color of grass. After all, you wouldn’t want the bride’s maids to go missing!

Finally I settled on light blues, yellows, and varying shades of off white, gray and brown, with maybe some light greens in there to set off the paper flowers and make them look more real.

Check out Design Seeds, they were instrumental in helping choose my palette!

Please think of it without the dark brown and mustard yellow...please

Truthfully, I just settled on the blue color today. I had been struggling for a long time on the invitation look. Since I am designing my own, I have it all on my shoulders for them to look great (and as we have discussed, me and style don’t always mix). I recently pinned this fabric:

And I really loved it. An online craft store was selling vintage fabric. I may still go back to the store and buy the fabric, that’s how in love I am.  I decided to make that fabric the background for my invites. Originally I had really wanted a much darker gray-navy blue, but it was really bringing the tone of everything down. A vintage outdoor summer wedding should be light and airy, not heavy and dark. So in one breath, out went the navy and in came the soft gray-blues.

Now that I have the colors nailed down I am really excited to design the rest of the invites. I won’t give too much away now, but I promise, when I mail them out, there will be FULL disclosure!

Here is my palette lined up:

Now I only need to find enough paper in all these colors…


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