Flower Power

My fiancé is such a sharing man; he decided to share his cold with me, how sweet of him.  My crafting patience and stamina is not improved by illness so when beginning the process of the ranunculus I was not exactly in the right frame of mind.

As paper flowers go, I think the ranunculus turned out really well! I cannot take the credit for this lovely tutorial. I got the templates from the blog D.I.Y. Or Don’t.

I will say the whole process was very time-consuming but I think well worth the effort! It makes a pretty believable ranunculus, here’s the real thing:

In the same vein of drawing inspiration from the online world I also found a great tutorial on making paper roses out of book pages. Since our theme is based around our love of literature making flowers out of book pages seemed like the perfect medium. Here is a tutorial from 100 Layer Cake on making paper roses. Again, it is quite time-consuming, make sure you have a hot glue gun and tons of hot glue because you will go through a lot!

Here is a whole bouquet I made! I used buttons to draw in some color, but I think if I add more ranunculus in there, the bouquet will really pop. I now need to make more ranunculus and add them to the paper roses to make a complete bouquet. I will say flower arranging is not my strong suit, but somehow I will make it all work.

At least my cat Evie B seems to like my work so far…


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