Strike A Pose

I would really like to carry this spirit of fun and games throughout my whole wedding. It seems that something a lot of brides are doing is renting a photo-booth so that guests can have a fun time taking pictures of themselves with funny faces or poses. I thought that it would be a great idea to get a photo-booth for my wedding as well, until I saw the price tag. I thought, I can do that for way cheaper. I went poking around on Pinterest, as I always do when I’m bored, to get ideas for a make-shift photo-booth. After all, my theme is rustic, so a home made photo booth would be a great addition.

I decided from the beginning that photography would be one of the things I want to drop some serious cash on. Because of that, I would like to have two photographers for the day. One photographer will capture all the important “us” moments and the other will be in charge of the “photo-booth.” I thought it might be great to have just a sheet hung up somewhere where people go and get their picture taken.

There are also a lot of fun props you can make so that the picture is incredibly silly! I mean, what fun-loving person doesn’t want to make a fool of themselves in front of the camera?

I mustache you a question...

You can also include little chalk boards to act as speech bubbles and little notes.

Now, of course if the photographer takes these pictures, the guests won’t get them back that day, so how should they get them back? How about Thank-You Postcards? Now this, for me, was a true stroke of genius. Thank-you cards can be really expensive, especially with the way postage is going these days so postcards would be a great way to save on your postage. In addition to that, your guest would get a funny or sweet picture of themselves to remember your wedding!

I have to say I was really proud of myself for thinking of that one.  Every time I come up with a cool idea, I always want to implement it right away. I can’t believe I have refrained from making photo booth props and using them on my dog or something.  Perhaps this all stems from my insatiable love of dress up. At least no one will be able to walk away from my wedding saying they were bored!


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