Play Time!

I would really like my wedding to be just like a family reunion. A small gathering of the closest people to us where we get together, eat, dance and have a good time, and, oh yeah, there is a wedding involved.

I’m pretty sure every wedding I’ve been to has lag time between the reception and the wedding, which can make it a little awkward for your guests. This is even more magnified when the wedding and the reception are in the same place. I think that I have a great way to pep up this lag time.

There is no way my wedding is going to be black tie. The attire I am going for is Sunday best, a nice sundress for the ladies and a button down for the men. I really want everyone to be comfortable and casual. And to go along with that casual theme I don’t want everyone just milling around eating hors d’oeuvres with nothing to do. So I came up with the idea for some outdoor (and indoor) games to play.

I originally came up wit the idea because I remembered my time spent in the beautiful state of Kentucky. I spent four years there and got quite acquainted with the culture. One of my favorite things about Kentuckians is the simple way they throw a party. All one needs is a cooler full of beer and a great game of corn hole.

And since this is a wedding I can decorate the boards and beanbags any way I want! Corn hole takes up to four players and as few as two.  The play is very simple. It has to be you see, because when your cooler full of beer is empty, you still need to grasp the concept. J One team stands by one board while another team stands by the other board. The teams toss their beanbags (one team at a time) and try to get the bags into the other team’s “corn hole.” In the hole is 3 points, on the board is 1 point. This can go on as long as the players want. It is actually great fun, especially with the lively moonshiners down in Kentucky!

Another game I thought of for outside is one that is a personal family favorite of ours, Jenga. Of course Jenga is a little small to put out on the lawn…but what if it were bigger?

Meet Lawn Jenga! Someone wonderful got the idea at one time to make the game of Jenga huge and have it be played on the lawn outside! I really think this will be a big hit and something that will surprise everyone. I will say that it is possible to make on your own. You would really need an excellent sander to make the blocks smooth enough to slide around on their own. I did some light research on lawn Jenga and the best bargain for your money is a company called Gonzo Blocks. You can get the regular colored blocks for $75 or you can have them pain them for you (wedding colors!) for a little more money.

And of course for those of you whose “thing” isn’t a lawn game I think I am going to provide indoor games as well. Games like Scrabble, and Banana Grams will be on every table as well. I did see an interesting idea for a magnetic board where you can create a magnetic scrabble game.  I am still mulling around that idea.

With the installation of all these activities (and of course the eating of the hors d’oeuvres) our picture time won’t seem all that long to our guests.  Of course before those things can be ordered we need more money and we need to have nailed down a venue! Sometimes I think I’m crazy to be planning a wedding so early. I really just have to cross my fingers and hope it comes together after a such a long journey to get there.


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