Illuminating Thoughts

Whenever I think of a nice summer’s eve, I think about spending time lazing around outside with my family in the glow of the sunset. I think that is exactly how I want my wedding to look and feel like. I want a warm, inviting, family atmosphere where I can get married in the glow of the sunset and dance into the night under not much more than the moonlight and flickering candles.

With the rustic theme I am going for, I am hoping to get married in a barn, which means minimal lighting. I have to get creative with how I would like to light up my party. The warm and friendly atmosphere I am going for will work wonderfully with candles. Tea lights are going to best for this, and much less expensive than buying tons of large candles. But of course, if you’ve seen tea lights, you know that they aren’t exactly decorative. One of my favorite ways to dress these little luminaries up is with a simple mason jar. Mason jars are known to many jam and jelly makers, but they are also becoming widely popular for their many other uses. I’ve seen them used as glasses, or even…wine glasses. In my case I prefer to use them as candle holders. Sometimes tea lights are dropped in paper backs that have sand at the bottom, and those are used for luminaries, but why? All I see is one big fire hazard. Mason jars are the perfect thing to hold candles, and it really brings home that rustic, down home, family style wedding theme I am looking for. I am hoping to tie a wire around the mason jars and hang them, outside or inside so they act as little fairy lights suspended in air around the reception area.

I also would like to make luminaries that could serve as a lighted walkway. These will not be as simple as the mason jars. These required me to look around for a tutorial that would show me how. Essentially I would like to punch a pretty pattern into a recycled soup can so that when I place a tea light in the can the light shines through my pattern. Click here for the full tutorial. They make it sound simple enough, but since you have to freeze water in the can so that you don’t bend the metal when you hammer into it, my freezer might eventually be full of tin cans…

One other really fun element I hope to include in our reception is the adition of sparklers. There are so many things you can do photographically with sparklers. You can write in sparklers, or created an illuminated path around the bride and groom, or it can just be a really fun way to send the happy couple off. It creates quite a beautiful display, especially at night.

Here are a few more ideas for soft, intimate lighting. I am so excited to be able to implement some of these. I think it will really help to make my vision come alive!

Oh So Rustic


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