Tackling the Kawasaki Rose

When I decided to make all of my flowers, I knew it would be a huge undertaking. But of course a bride is really committed to her vision. After all, the planning of a wedding starts at the age of two, and who wants to compromise the plans made by the imaginative mind of the two-year-old self?

I am an avid “pinner” on Pinterest, which is an amazing site for inspiration. Do you remember “vision boards”? You cut pictures out of magazines and stuck them on a board to remind you of goals, or to give inspiration. Pinterest is a giant magazine and provides you with your very own vision board. No bride should plan a wedding without joining, especially a DIY bride. Thanks to Pinterest, I was able to find tons of DIY flower tutorials and all it took was a few trips to Jo-Ann Fabrics to get started!

I have made a few different kinds of flowers, but I really liked the playfulness of the origami flowers. There are a few kinds, but the best ones were the lily and the rose. My previous encounters with origami have ended up with a ton of crumpled paper in the trash and a very frustrated me, so I was not altogether eager to tackle it again.

Many crumpled papers, and You-Tube searches later, I finally found a tutorial that I understood, and went slow enough for me to catch on. Once I made the rose, making multiples was easy, I was finally able to memorize the pattern. I can now proudly state that I can make a darn good Kawasaki rose.

The problem, I thought with the You-Tube tutorials is that no one talked you through the process. Most of the videos were silent and didn’t show how to do it very well. Because of this, I have endeavored to make my own tutorial. Unfortunately I lack the means of a video camera so I had to use photographs, but I hope the talk through I give is at least a little helpful.

The only thing you need is a square piece of paper that is hopefully colored on one side and white on the other. I ordered origami paper for the occasion. Here is what they turn out to look like:

I really like the checkered pattern! I think it will go nicely with the other flowers and add that down-to-earth feel I’m looking for.

Try the video out! Please let me know if you don’t understand something, but go easy on me, it’s my first attempt at this! 🙂 Watch here!


4 thoughts on “Tackling the Kawasaki Rose

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