Layaway Ring

Money is scarce…

Usually the women that plan their weddings before there is a formal engagement are unsure of the prospect of their engagement. I am sure of the prospect, we do have a ring, it’s just not in my possession at the moment.

More than anything I wanted to lay down the lump sum for my gorgeous ring, but who really has that much cash to drop at once. Since I am not a member of the Trump family, I have to wait for my ring.
First and foremost, ring shopping is not a decision that can really be made in one trip to a jeweler. When we decided to get an engagement ring, we took a few days to shop around. I have to say, all around, ring shopping, though fun, (you really can feel like a princess with all those diamonds) is a bit disheartening.
First of all, the diamond and the band are usually a separate cost. I feel like I should have my girl card removed for not knowing that, but you see all these beautiful settings with diamonds in them and you just think they come that way. We did have a budget in mind of what we could spend, but sadly that budget was eaten up by the cost of the band alone. There are a few remedies to this problem.
The first is, don’t get a diamond. Did you know there was such a thing called a white sapphire? I had no idea, but it looks exactly like a diamond and is much cheaper. Also, it is still a gem, so if the idea of having a cubic zirconia on your finger makes you feel icky, you can still have a precious stone for way less money. In addition, if you like color, get a blue sapphire, and since they are so different, you stand more of a chance of having a completely unique ring.
The second solution is to buy the setting first, pay it off, then buy a diamond to go in the setting. This is the long-term engagement solution. But if you want your dream ring, and it comes at an expensive price, it will be better in the long run to wait it out. This is something that you’ll have forever, so make sure you get what you want.
After looking at so many stores and taking lots of pictures of different rings, I had to compare can contrast what I loved the most, and what the prices were. I asked my mom and my friends too, sometimes it is better to have another person’s outside opinion. Plus, girlfriends love to look at jewelry!
And once the deliberation was over, I chose to go with a ring from Day’s Jeweler’s. It just happened to be the very first ring I tried on too! Not only did I love the look of the ring, but it came at the best cost! The best thing about it is that the band and the diamond came together in the price quoted to us. So I guess it is something that does happen, just not often. Another great thing about Day’s is that you can put your ring on layaway. Here I thought layaway was just for clothes! Layaway comes with NO INTEREST! The catch is that they have to keep the ring, which makes proposing a little difficult. Hence why I am not formally engaged.
I do go and visit my ring every once and awhile. I cannot wait to put it on for good! I have a picture of it, but why ruin the surprise! You will just have to wait for the formal proposal, like me!

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